Laurent Beauvallet was the usual kid into drawing and Art.
He went to the French Beaux-Arts, but soon left school to dive into the entertainment industry.
A Freelance Concept Artist and Illustrator, he contributed images to a vast range of works

from collectable cards to book covers, and from video games to Hollywood movies.***

Along the way, he started drawing from life, creating his personal images
far away from the digital and the entertainment.
Ten years after, the spare time has become a full-time practice.
He is now working exclusively from life, creating original pieces.

 Laurent's Art is often labelled as minimalist.
He lives with his family by the sea, in France.


Alderac, Arkane studio, Core design, Flammarion, J'ai lu, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Le livre de poche,

L'Atalante, Hachette, Le Seuil, Midway, Quantic dreams, Ubisoft, Wizards of the coast...

Partial Game & Movie list

Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain, Legends of the Five Rings, Nightmare Creatures I & II, Prince of Persia:

The Sands of Time


: a halt, a sitting.


Taking the time to see in a world of instantaneous and endless recordings. 

Drawing in situ. Everywhere. A practice of focus, without post-production.


In the daily routine, there's exploration of the artist's favorite themes and curiosity.

On a mission, there's the exaltation of the no-comfort zone.


      One can commission Laurent Beauvallet to see a place, a person or an event.

       The images created are not mere recordings - They are visions from the Artist.

Laurent's Art is unretouched, drawn with pigment pencils or archival ink.

The Original pieces will stand in time, and are easily reproductible.

Reproduction rights and originals pieces from the SESSIO are for sale.